6 Jobs in Canada That Do Not Require a Certificate

The recent global economic slump has had a negative impact on the labour market everywhere, including in Canada. The unemployment rate is now at its lowest level since February 2020, having decreased to 7.5%. However, is it absolutely necessary to have a qualification in order to find a job that pays well? Continue reading in order to gain further insight if you are confused what steps to take.

A welder’s annual income ranges from $38,388 to $100,688.

There are a lot of advantages to working in the welding industry. Those who are young and motivated and do not have a background in business can find a great career path in the industry even if they do not have a business experience. A college degree and relevant certifications are typically prerequisites for employment in these fields. Given that the typical age of a student is 19, it is possible to launch a successful career in welding at a relatively young age. If you are considering a career in welding, one of the most essential considerations you should make is the perks that you will receive from your workplace. You should be prepared to make an investment in yourself because the typical cost of a health insurance plan is over $10,000 annually.

An administrative assistant’s annual income ranges from $38,388 to $100,688.

According to Zip-recruiter, the annual salary range for an administrative assistant is anything from $38,388 to $102,688. This number is derived from an examination of the wage information for millions of currently available positions and companies. Although the income for an administrative assistant can range anywhere from $38,388 to $100,688, it is still considerably lower than the average salary across the country. This fact is very important to keep in mind.

A financial advisor’s annual income ranges from $38,388 to $100,688.

The annual compensation for a position as a financial adviser might range anywhere from $38,388 to $100,688. It is expected of a normal financial advisor to have a variety of obligations, including the requirement to consult with customers and to build portfolios for those clients. A background in psychology or sales can be beneficial for those interested in pursuing this line of work because it demands interaction with customers. One is required to receive relevant qualifications or licences before beginning work in the industry. Some certification programmes require candidates to have completed a specified amount of education and/or coursework, while others need candidates to simply have a certain level of work experience. A person who is interested in pursuing a profession in financial planning and investment can start the process of doing so once they have obtained the appropriate licence or certification for doing so.


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A sales associate’s annual wage ranges from $38,388 to $48,388.

An annual salary of between $38,388 and $48,388 is typical for a Sales Associate position. The top ten percent of Sales Associates bring in an annual salary of more than $43,000. Although salaries might vary widely depending on location, in general, the states of New York, Rhode Island, Nebraska, and California are among those with the highest average salaries. It’s possible that ethnicity plays a role in salary differences for sales associates. White sales associates typically bring in the greatest incomes, whereas black or African American sales associates typically bring in the lowest salaries.

The annual compensation for an IT support desk professional is $81,750.

The compensation of an information technology help desk specialist is among the highest in the country. This position offers an annual salary that ranges between $71,000 and $81,750. Those in the technology field who have a Master’s degree have a wage range that is slightly higher than those who do not have a Master’s degree. The state of California offers a salary of $46,072 less than the national average of $51,785 a year for a Help Desk Specialist. However, depending on the location of the job, the typical income for this employment could be very different in each of the states.


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The salary of a tax preparer is set by each province.

The amount of money that a tax preparer makes is determined by a variety of different factors. The range of possible earnings is dependent on factors such as the kind of practise, its location, and the volume of clients served. Some tax preparers report earning more than fifty thousand dollars in their first year working in the sector. At some other companies, entry-level employees in their first year can make between $30,000 and $40,000. There are certain internships that do not pay their interns at all. Check the website of the Provincial Revenue Agency to learn how much an individual should charge for preparing tax returns.

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