Work as an Accounting bookkeeper at Can-Best Tire Services Ltd


An accounting bookkeeper is responsible for keeping track of and organizing all of an organization’s daily financial transactions (e.g., sales, payroll, payment of bills, etc.).

They place more of an emphasis on maintaining accurate records and less on analyzing the data and making interpretations from it.

The information that is provided to an accountant by a bookkeeper serves as the basis for the accountant’s work.

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  • Perform payroll calculations and produce check draughts.
  • Determine the value of your fixed assets and their depreciation.
  • Bookkeeping involves keeping financial records as well as setting up, maintaining, and balancing several accounts using both manual and digital bookkeeping methods.

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  • Ensure that all general ledgers and financial statements are up to date.
  • Post journal entries
  • Create any additional statistical, financial, or accounting reports that are required.
  • Make a preliminary check of the books.
  • Make sure everything adds up.


A familiarity with

  • computers
  • modern technology
  • Word Perfect

Work conditions/physical capabilities

  • Attention to detail
  • Overtime necessary

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  • Limiting time constraints

Personal suitability

  • Client emphasis
  • Flexibility
  • Organized
  • Reliability


  • Advantages to one’s health
  • Plan for medical treatment
  • Free parking available

How to Apply


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