Top 10 Highest Paying Unskilled Jobs for Immigrants in Canada


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In the quest for a brighter future and stable employment, many immigrants in Canada find themselves navigating the job market, often seeking opportunities that don’t require specialized skills or extensive experience.

This article shines a light on the 10 highest-paying unskilled jobs in Canada, tailored specifically for immigrants.

These positions not only offer competitive wages but also provide a stepping stone to greater opportunities in the Canadian workforce.


From construction roles to hospitality services, we delve into a diverse range of sectors, highlighting jobs that are both accessible and rewarding.

Whether you’re a newcomer to Canada or planning your move, this guide is your gateway to understanding the job landscape and seizing opportunities that pave the way for financial stability and growth in a new country.

Unskilled Jobs for Immigrants in Canada


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1. Construction Worker

Building and repairing infrastructure such as buildings, roads, and bridges is the responsibility of construction workers.

They could be operating heavy machinery, laying pipes, or doing other manual tasks.

Construction workers in Canada can expect to earn roughly $45,000 per year on average.


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2. Landscapers

Landscapers are in charge of the design and upkeep of outdoor places such as gardens, parks, and golf courses.

Landscapers in Canada may expect to make roughly $32,000 per year on average.

3. Janitors

Janitors are in charge of cleaning and maintaining structures such as workplaces, schools, and hospitals.

They may clean restrooms, mop floors, and collect trash.

Janitors in Canada may expect to make roughly $29,000 per year on average.

4. Delivery Driver

It is the job of delivery drivers to move various items from one place to another, including food, furniture, and parcels.

They could operate transport vehicles like vans, trucks, or others.


The average annual wage for a delivery driver in Canada is close to $38,000.

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5. Retail Sales Associate

Stores, including grocery stores, electronics stores, and apparel boutiques, rely on their retail sales personnel to guide customers in making purchases.

Customer service, stocking shelves, and operating cash registers are all part of their job description.

On average, a retail sales associate in Canada can make around $28,000 a year.

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6. Security Guard

Office buildings, airports, and banks are all examples of sites where security guards are tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the safety and security of both individuals and their belongings.

In addition to conducting investigations into questionable behavior, they may patrol the premises and monitor security cameras.

Security guards in Canada can come in with an annual pay of approximately $34,000 on average.

7. Housekeeper

One of the responsibilities of housekeepers is to clean and maintain residential or hotel properties.

They can dust furniture, replace bed linens, and vacuum the floors.

Housekeepers in Canada have the potential to earn an annual compensation of approximately $24,000 on average.

8. Caregiver

Care and support are the responsibilities of caregivers, who are responsible for giving care and assistance to those who are disabled, elderly, or children.

Providing emotional support, assisting with personal hygiene, and administering medication are all examples of what they might do.

In Canada, caregivers have the potential to earn an annual compensation of approximately $29,000 on average.

9. Warehouse Worker

Workers who are employed in warehouses are accountable for the transportation and storage of items within distribution centers and warehouses.

They can operate load trucks, pack boxes, or forklifts.

Caregivers in Canada can come in with an annual pay of approximately $30,000 on average.

10. Cleaner

Public spaces, such as parks, schools, and public transit, are the responsibility of cleaners, who are responsible for cleaning and maintaining these locations.

Among other things, they might clean windows, gather trash, or sweep walkways.

It is possible for cleaners in Canada to make an annual wage of approximately $29,000 on average.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, Canada offers a diverse range of high-paying opportunities for immigrants, even for those seeking unskilled jobs.

Positions in sectors such as construction, transportation, general labor, hospitality, and caregiving not only provide competitive wages but also offer pathways for career growth and stability.

These roles are critical to supporting Canada’s booming economy and are especially beneficial for newcomers looking to establish their lives in a new country.

For immigrants seeking to build a new life in Canada, exploring these 10 highest-paying unskilled jobs can be a promising starting point, providing both financial security and the opportunity to integrate into the Canadian workforce.

Remember, each job has its own set of requirements and benefits, making it essential to research and find the one that best suits your skills and aspirations.

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