How to get a job as Camp Attendant at Royal Camp Services Ltd (Canada)


Over the course of more than three decades, Royal Camp Services has established itself as the top remote camp and catering company in Western Canada.

We offer solutions for cooking and hospitality for camps ranging in size from those with just a few clients to those with hundreds of clients, including both small and large-scale camp projects.

The living areas that are occupied by staff and clients are the responsibility of a Camp Attendant, who is responsible for their upkeep.

This is the perfect position for someone who has a strong history in hospitality and would like to use it in a setting similar to that of a remote lodge.


Job requirements can include but are not limited to the following:

  • In addition to making the bed, vacuuming, dusting, washing the windows and blinds, washing the baseboards, cleaning the mirrors, emptying the garbage cans, and spot cleaning the walls, clean the bedrooms.
  • It is necessary to clean the bathroom, which include changing the towels, restocking the toiletries, sanitizing the shower, toilet, sink, and faucets, and washing the floor of the bathroom.
  • Organize and replenish the linen cupboard after cleaning the linens and towels.
  • Clean the laundry room by washing down the surfaces, sweeping, mopping, and dusting, as well as cleaning the lint traps, replacing any needed laundry supplies, and organizing the shelves.
  • Ensure that all doors, air vents, and light fixtures are spotless.

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  • The dormitory hallway should be cleaned by dusting, vacuuming, and spot cleaning the walls.
  • Vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping the floors, as well as the stairwells, boot rooms, and entrances
    Surfaces, windows, and equipment should all be dusted, disinfected, and/or washed (i.e., remote controls, gym equipment, pool cues, tables, chairs, vending machines, etc.)
  • Garbage and recyclables should be emptied and placed in communal spaces.
  • You are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms in the common areas, which includes washing the mirrors, toilets, and sinks, spot cleaning the walls and stalls, sinks, and faucets, sweeping and mopping the floors, and emptying the trash.
  • Towels at the gym need to be gathered, washed, and restocked, as appropriate for the site.
  • Shovel snow, as necessary Exterior housekeeping, including the removal of litter from parking lots and general camp areas Shovel snow, as necessary
  • Sweeping, mopping, and spot cleaning the walls in arctic corridors are effective ways to clean and preserve these spaces (as applicable to site)
  • Observe all of the policies and procedures regarding safety, whether they are based on the task at hand, the consumption of the product, or the PPE requirements.
  • Daily responsibilities include attendance at Toolbox and Tailgate meetings, completion of Field Level Hazard Assessments, and identification of potential dangers.
  • Please alert a supervisor to any maintenance issues as well as any safety concerns.
  • Help is needed to unload the grocery store’s delivery vehicle.
  • Any additional job responsibilities that may be assigned.


  • An advantage is having between one and three years of prior experience in janitorial work and/or housekeeping.
  • You are required to have a current Standard First Aid certification. You are responsible for providing your own transportation to our pickup sites in Edmonton and/or Grande Prairie.
  • Maintain a minimum of two professional job references for potential employers.
  • Be attentive to the smallest of details.

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  • Strong organizational abilities and the ability to manage one’s time effectively
  • Effective interpersonal and verbal communication abilities (including reading, writing, and speaking English)
  • It is required that you are able to move, carry, push, pull, and lift up to 25 pounds.
  • Be willing to work on an as-needed basis in a variety of shifts, including but not limited to 21-7, 10-4, 9-5, and 14-7.
  • Ready to work any shift, including the day shift, afternoon shift, split shift, and night shift

Job benefits

  • Promotions from within the organization as potential routes to development
  • A robust safety culture that places an emphasis on education and awareness in order to ensure that you arrive home unharmed.
  • Wages that are competitive within the business and are higher than those of equivalent jobs in metropolitan areas
  • Work colleagues of a high caliber who will assist you in excelling in your position and adjusting to life in a remote camp

Because of the importance we place on employee safety, we need all prospective employees to pass a pre-access screening for drugs and alcohol at the job site, in addition to receiving site-specific training.

Phone calls, walk-ins, and/or faxed resumes will not be accepted due to the volume of applications received.

How to Apply

If you are interested on applying as as Camp Attendant at Royal Camp Services Ltd, click the link below to apply

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