Waiter Salary in Canada 2024: A Comprehensive Salary Report


Welcome to our in-depth exploration of waiter salaries in Canada, a topic of significant interest to those contemplating a career in the hospitality industry as well as those already navigating this vibrant and ever-evolving field.

The role of a waiter is much more than just serving food and drinks; it’s about creating memorable dining experiences and connecting with people from all walks of life.

But beyond the social and skillful aspects of the job, one crucial question often comes to the forefront: how much does a waiter really earn in Canada?

In this article, we delve into the financial aspect of being a waiter in the land of the maple leaf.


We’ll not only look at average salaries but also uncover the various factors that can influence these earnings.

From bustling urban restaurants in Toronto to cozy cafés in small towns, the Canadian hospitality landscape is as diverse as its earnings.

Whether you’re a student considering a part-time job, a seasoned professional pondering a career shift, or simply curious about the industry, this comprehensive guide aims to provide you with all the insights you need.


So, let’s embark on this journey to understand the nuances of “Waiter Salary in Canada,” breaking down the numbers, the influencing factors, and what it truly means to be part of this dynamic profession.

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What is the average salary in Canada?

In Canada, the average pay for a waiter or waitress is $27,530 per year. It depends on how many years of experience they have and the company they work for.


Waiter’s Average Salary in Canada

Waiter Salary in Canada

When it comes to understanding waiter salaries in Canada, it’s important to look at the data to get a clear picture.


Salaries can vary significantly based on factors such as location, type of establishment, and experience.

However, a general overview provides a helpful starting point for those considering this career path.

To provide a detailed understanding of waiter salaries in Canada, it’s essential to break down the earnings in various time frames, offering a complete picture from hourly rates to annual income.

This breakdown helps potential and current waiters, as well as industry analysts, to grasp the financial aspects of the profession across different scales.

Annual Salary of a Waiter in Canada

On average, a full-time waiter in Canada can expect to earn between CAD $25,000 to $40,000 annually. Location, the type of establishment, and an individual’s performance in terms of tips and service quality are all factors that affect this range.

Monthly Earnings of a Waiter in Canada

Breaking down the annual salary, a waiter might earn approximately CAD $2,083 to $3,333 per month. Monthly earnings are subject to fluctuations based on the seasonality of the industry and hours worked.

Biweekly Income of a Waiter in Canada

On a biweekly scale, waiters can expect to earn around CAD $1,041 to $1,666. This time frame often reflects the pay cycle for many employees in the hospitality sector.

Weekly Wages of a Waiter in Canada

Weekly, the earnings come to about CAD $520 to $833. Weekly earnings can be more variable due to the number of shifts worked and the influx of tips.


Daily Income of a Waiter in Canada

A typical day’s earnings (assuming an 8-hour shift) could range from CAD $65 to $104 based on the hourly rate. Daily earnings can greatly vary, especially in establishments where tipping is a significant part of income.

Hourly Rate of a Waiter in Canada

The hourly wage for waiters in Canada typically ranges from CAD $12 to $20. This rate is higher in major cities and upscale dining environments.

Average salaries by Province in Canada

Average Waiter Salaries by Province in Canada (in CAD)
Province Average Salary (CAD)
Alberta 41,589
British Columbia 58,497
Manitoba 44,321
New Brunswick 65,756
Newfoundland 67,803
Nova Scotia 64,981
Northwest Territories 48,484
Nunavut 72,280
Ontario 45,858
Prince Edward Island 67,754
Quebec 40,858
Saskatchewan 39,773
Yukon 37,440

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Top Companies for Waiters in Canada

In the diverse and vibrant hospitality landscape of Canada, there are numerous establishments where waiters can find rewarding and lucrative employment opportunities.

These companies are not just about offering a job; they’re about creating a career path in the hospitality industry.

1. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

Known for its luxury hotels and resorts, Fairmont offers waiters a chance to work in a high-end, sophisticated environment.

Employees often cite good wages, excellent tips, and opportunities for professional development.

2. Earls Kitchen + Bar

With locations across Canada, Earls is praised for its dynamic and youthful atmosphere.

It’s a great place for waiters who enjoy a bustling, contemporary setting, with competitive wages and a collaborative team environment.

3. JOEY Restaurants

JOEY Restaurants stand out for their commitment to staff training and development.

Waiters here can expect a supportive work culture, decent salaries, and good tipping opportunities.

4. The Keg Steakhouse + Bar

Famous for its steak and casual yet upscale dining experience, The Keg is known for offering its waitstaff competitive wages, consistent tips, and a friendly work environment.

5. Cactus Club Cafe

This trendy chain is popular among waiters for its modern vibe and high customer traffic, which often translates to better tips.

Employees appreciate the supportive management and the opportunity to work in a stylish setting.

6. Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants

Offering a mix of fine and casual dining experiences, Oliver & Bonacini Restaurants are recognized for their professional work environment, good wages, and opportunities for growth within the company.

7. Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

At Four Seasons, waiters get the opportunity to work in an environment synonymous with luxury and exceptional service standards.

The company is noted for offering competitive salaries, excellent training, and career advancement opportunities.

8. Moxie’s Grill & Bar

Moxie’s provides a lively and fashionable dining experience and is known for its friendly work atmosphere.

Waiters here benefit from fair wages, a vibrant work culture, and the chance to earn good tips.

9. Boston Pizza

As one of Canada’s most popular casual dining chains, Boston Pizza offers a fun and energetic environment for waiters, with competitive pay and a supportive team.

10. Local Public Eatery

Known for its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Local Public Eatery is a great place for waiters who prefer a more laid-back setting.

The company offers fair wages and a strong community feel among staff.

Factors Influencing Waiter Salaries in Canada

Understanding the earnings of waiters in Canada requires an insight into the various factors that influence their salaries.

1. Geographical Location

  • Urban vs. Rural: Salaries tend to be higher in urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver due to the higher cost of living and greater availability of upscale dining options. In contrast, rural and smaller towns may offer lower base salaries but often have a lower cost of living.
  • Provincial Differences: As seen in the previous section, there are significant provincial variations in salary, influenced by local economic conditions and labor market demand.

2. Type of Establishment

  • Fine Dining vs. Casual Restaurants: Waiters in fine dining restaurants often earn higher wages and receive more substantial tips due to the higher prices and service expectations. Conversely, casual dining spots might offer lower base pay but can make up for it in volume of service and tips.
  • Specialized Venues: Establishments like boutique cafes or thematic restaurants might offer unique salary structures, often depending on their customer base and location.

3. Experience and Skill Level

  • Entry-Level vs. Experienced Waiters: Those new to the industry usually start at lower wage rates, but with experience, waiters can negotiate higher salaries, especially in establishments where they have proven their skill and reliability.
  • Skill Set: Specialized skills, such as wine knowledge, barista expertise, or fluency in multiple languages, can lead to higher earnings.

4. Seasonality and Shift Variability

  • Tourist Seasons: In tourist-heavy areas, waiters might earn more during peak seasons due to increased patronage and tips.
  • Shift Preferences: Evening and weekend shifts often attract higher earnings due to busier dining hours and potentially higher tip income.

5. Legal and Union Factors

  • Minimum Wage Laws: Provincial minimum wage regulations significantly impact base salary rates.
  • Unionized Workplaces: In some cases, unionization can influence salary structures and benefits.

Waiter Salary in Canada vs. Other Countries

When considering a career as a waiter, it’s intriguing to compare salaries across different countries.

1. Canada vs. United States

In the United States, the dependence on tips is even more pronounced than in Canada.

While some states have higher base hourly wages for waiters, others rely heavily on tips to compensate for lower base pay.

The average tip percentage in the U.S. tends to be higher compared to Canada, often ranging between 15% to 20%.

This can result in significant variability in a waiter’s total income.

2. Canada vs. United Kingdom

The UK presents a contrasting scenario where tipping is less customary, and the base pay for waiters is often relied upon more heavily.

With a higher minimum wage in the UK compared to some Canadian provinces, waiters may have a higher guaranteed base salary, but their overall income might be lower due to fewer tips.

3. Canada vs. Australia

In Australia, the culture of tipping is not as prevalent. Waiters are compensated with a higher base wage to offset the lack of tips.

This leads to a more stable and predictable income for waiters in Australia compared to Canada, where tips can significantly fluctuate.

4. Other European Countries

Across Europe, the scenario varies greatly. In countries like France and Italy, tipping is not the norm, and wages are structured accordingly.

Conversely, in countries with emerging tourism industries, such as some Eastern European countries, wages can be lower, but tips can significantly supplement income.

FAQs on Waiter Salaries in Canada

1. What is the average salary of a waiter in Canada?

The average salary for a waiter in Canada ranges from CAD $25,000 to $40,000 annually. Hourly rates typically vary from CAD $12 to $20, depending on factors like location and establishment type.

2. Do waiters in Canada rely heavily on tips?

Yes, tips are a significant part of a waiter’s income in Canada, especially in urban and high-end dining establishments. The actual earnings from tips can vary greatly based on the restaurant’s location and clientele.

3. How do waiter salaries in Canada compare to other countries?

Waiter salaries in Canada are generally comparable to those in the United States, with a significant portion coming from tips. They are typically higher than in some European countries where tipping is less common but lower than in Australia, where higher base wages compensate for the lack of tipping culture.

4. Which province in Canada offers the highest average salary for waiters?

As of the latest data, Nunavut offers the highest average salary for waiters, followed closely by Newfoundland and Prince Edward Island. However, these figures can fluctuate and are influenced by local living costs and economic conditions.

5. Are waiter salaries in Canada affected by the season?

Yes, in tourist-heavy areas and seasonal destinations, waiters can experience fluctuations in their earnings, with potential increases during peak tourist seasons due to higher patronage and tips.

6. What factors influence a waiter’s salary in Canada?

Key factors include geographical location, type of establishment, level of experience, and skill set. Additionally, shift preferences and seasonality can also impact earnings.

7. Is there a minimum wage for waiters in Canada?

Yes, waiters in Canada are subject to provincial minimum wage laws. However, some provinces have different minimum wages for workers who earn tips.

8. Can a waiter in Canada negotiate their salary?

While base wages are often fixed, especially in chain restaurants and establishments with set pay structures, experienced waiters with proven skills and a strong track record may negotiate higher wages, particularly in upscale or independent restaurants.

9. How does cost of living affect waiter salaries in Canada?

Waiter salaries are generally higher in cities with a higher cost of living, such as Toronto and Vancouver. However, this is often balanced by the higher living expenses in these areas.

10. What are the career advancement opportunities for waiters in Canada?

With experience, waiters in Canada can progress to higher-paying roles like head waiter, maître d’, or restaurant manager. Additional qualifications in hospitality and management can further enhance career prospects.

Summing Up: Waiter Salaries in Canada

To wrap things up, being a waiter in Canada means your pay can be different depending on where you work, what kind of restaurant it is, your experience, and the tips you get.

We’ve looked at how these things can change what you earn.

Working as a waiter is more than just a job for making money. It’s a chance to grow and possibly make more money over time.

Whether you’re just starting out or have been in this field for a while, knowing about your pay is really important.

We hope this article has helped you understand more about what you might earn and how to do well in the restaurant world.

Remember, being a waiter is not only about serving food; it’s also about meeting people and being part of a fun and exciting industry.

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