How to Secure a job as an Electrical Engineer in Canada

We are looking for an Electrical Engineer to join our team so that they can play an important role.

When it comes to the planning, development, implementation, and commissioning of plant improvements, it is the responsibility of the Electrical Project Engineer to provide both technical support and oversight.

When it comes to the technical and quality requirements, as well as the regulatory codes and standards that are applicable to the discipline and are utilized in the design and review of work procedures, the project engineer needs to have extensive knowledge.

Brief Description:

Seniority level; Entry level


Employment type; Contract

Job function; Engineering and Information Technology

Industries; Oil and Gas



There is an expectation that reviews will be conducted throughout the 50% and 90% design package submissions to support the project development phase. These reviews will focus on construct ability and execution.

A strong ability to collaborate with a variety of work groups is required. It is anticipated that the project engineer will have a deep comprehension of the operations of nuclear power plants, including a practical understanding of the plant’s operations and maintenance mechanisms.


  • Manages projects in order to achieve improvements in areas such as safety, quality, productivity, asset reliability, process improvement, cost reduction, and other business objectives.
  • projects beginning with the conception and development of the overall scope, continuing through the phases of design, procurement, construction/installation, and start-up.
  • Instruction is given in areas such as operation, set-up, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair, and it is also necessary to guarantee that work quality is maintained and that specified policies and procedures are followed.
  • Put your experience in Automation Systems, Electrical Hardware, and Process Control Systems to good use.
  • Help with the planning, prioritizing, and evaluation of the technical plans for engineering and maintenance of the production and facility equipment. This includes the compilation of project plans, timetables, budgets, and proposal documents.
  • Establish schedules and techniques for providing services; recognizing resource needs; reviewing needs; allocating resources accordingly; and effectively conveying action plans and repairs. Identifying resource needs. Reviewing needs.
  • Take part in the formulation of control policies and processes, as well as the formulation of recommendations for adjustments and improvements to previously established standards and practises.
  • Perform an in-depth analysis and interpretation of all project-related documents (including electrical, mechanical, and architectural drawings, among others) in order to precisely quantify all controls and instrumentation scope items included in the bid package.
  • Develop precise control system and control panel design submitting as well as timetables.
  • Determine the precise quantities needed of each component of the project, including the materials and the labour.
  • Evaluate and verify each estimate with the Senior Engineering Manager to ensure that they are accurate, that value analysis has been performed, and that suitable profit margins have been established.
  • You need to be able to manage several projects at the same time and prioritize them according to the requirements of the deadlines.
  • Participate in the preparation of an accurate design proposal or timetable in collaboration with the Client, Senior Engineer, Consulting Engineers, Pre-Construction Managers, and Contract Managers.

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Job Qualifications

You are expected to have:

  • Plan and coordinate the on-site engineering and construction activities of the designated project in an efficient manner to ensure that the project’s goals or objectives are accomplished within the allotted amount of time and with the allocated amount of funding. This can be done either by the project manager performing the tasks themselves or by the project manager delegating the planning and coordination to subordinate supervisors.
  • A solid comprehension of the applicable codes and requirements
  • Knowledge of engineering and the change control systems used for projects
  • Competence in speech and listening
  • In order to have a technical understanding of how the facility works, it is necessary to have a background in the sciences of physics, chemistry, metallurgy, mathematics, electrical, engineering, and economics.
  • For the preparation of technical papers including specifications, work instructions, asset management records, and planning documents, good technical writing abilities are required.
  • Must be able to demonstrate the ability to write reports that are both clear and concise.
  • It is required that you have the ability to make recommendations and find solutions to technical problems vocally and in writing. 


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  • Capability to interact productively with Plant Operations, Plant Engineering, Plant Maintenance, and other technical workers, as well as with Regulators and other stakeholders.
  • Capability to interact constructively with other people through the development of trust, mutual respect, and working relationships based on cooperation. 
  • Experience is required to solve problems, provide advice and guidance, initiate developmental studies, and make recommendations during the design, commissioning, and operation of a nuclear facility; to evaluate components or materials, and to perform economic studies and evaluations associated with the design, commissioning, and operation of a nuclear facility; and to work safely at all times. Experience is also required to work in a nuclear facility. 
  • Globotech now lends its support to the refurbishment and modification projects being carried out in Ontario. The company offers a comprehensive spectrum of engineering services and solutions to the Nuclear Power Industry. Globotech is dedicated to providing solutions that are appropriate for their intended use without sacrificing the quality, health, or safety of our customers. As one of our major beliefs, we prioritize becoming an integrated partner and cultivating long-term relationships with both our customers and other stakeholders. Our ability to provide our customers with technological solutions that are in line with their business and project goals is made possible by the wide range of experiences and technical expertise that our team possesses, as well as the project management experience that we have accumulated. Doing It Right the First Time enables us to provide a product that is both safe and of high quality while adhering to the time and financial constraints set by the client. It is said that the members of our professional team have an in-depth understanding of the legislation, standards, and licence requirements pertaining to the nuclear industry in Canada. Because of Globotech’s multi-discipline organisational structure as well as its cross-functional experiences with CANDU technology, our company is in an excellent position to provide our customers with a comprehensive range of solutions that are both cost-effective and efficient.


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