Work as a Business Development Manager in Change Connect at Canada


Our client is a global global technology solutions provider whose sole mission is to close the gap between business and technology via the application of intelligent innovation.

Brief Description

Seniority level; Mid-Senior level

Employment type; Full-time


Job function; Business Development and Sales

Industries; Business Consulting and Services



We are in the process of hiring a Business Development Manager who will be responsible for establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships with our key partners.

We are, at our heart, technology advisors and solution providers with a demonstrated track record of successfully resolving business difficulties by utilizing a one-of-a-kind consultative approach that is industry-based.

You will contribute to the search for new opportunities across the enterprise landscape and the public sector by utilizing your expertise in software and solutions services.

Your strategic and customer-centric approach will assist in aligning our client with the requirements of potential partners while simultaneously assisting in the development of a fruitful client relationship.

In addition, your mindfulness will perform an analysis of the market in order to identify dangers, possibilities, and potentials. Your exceptional people skills will be put to use in the role of Business Development Manager, where you will be responsible for marketing all of our client’s services to prospective or existing customers.


You are also dedicated to enhancing our client’s profile as a provider of technological solutions, which is really impressive.

In order to provide you with further details, we have partnered with a variety of the industry’s most reputable software companies, including Oracle, Microsoft,, and many others.

In addition, we collaborate with a diverse array of businesses, some of which are leaders in their respective fields, such as the healthcare industry, the financial services industry, the manufacturing industry, and the public sector.

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This position values candidates who have

  • A solid comprehension of software applications It is essential that you are familiar with software sales as well as the landscape of the industry,
  • That you have a solid comprehension of the sales cycle, and that you have a solid track record of maintaining positive connections with customers.
  • You are also proud of the excellent delivery you provide.
  • Being self-driven means that you motivate yourself from inside, rather than seeking motivation from outside sources.
  • You have an eagerness to acquire new skills and broaden your expertise in your profession.
  • Reasoning critically – You are excellent at finding solutions to issues, no matter what the nature of the problem or the surrounding conditions may be.
  • You are capable of analyzing difficult or simple scenarios, thinking critically about them, and coming up with answers that are suitable for those scenarios.
  • Excellent communication – Communication is of the utmost importance. When interacting with several customers,
  • it is necessary for you to have excellent communication skills, whether those skills are verbal or written.
  • You have a solid knowledge that negotiation is a process, which lends strength to your ability to negotiate successfully.
  • Your ability to negotiate revolves around adapting to changing circumstances and exerting influence.
  • Possession — You have a deep sense of ownership. You are able to accept responsibility for the outcomes of specific situations and are aware of how to exert your agency effectively in order to arrive at decisions that will produce the best possible outcomes.

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  • Selling customer relationship management (CRM) software and services to enterprise and government organizations, including Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Oracle.
  • assuming full responsibility for one’s actions and taking ownership of the activities necessary to attain consistent success.
  • Find potential business deals and make proposals for them by making contact with potential partners, locating prospects, and investigating them.
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive strategy for screening possible company agreements, such as doing an analysis of market strategies, deal requirements, prospects, and financials; evaluating possibilities; resolving internal priorities; and proposing equity investments.
  • Create negotiating strategies and positions by researching the integration of new ventures with the strategy and operations of the organization; investigating the risks and potentials; and analyzing the needs and goals of partners.
  • Motivated to secure new business transactions by organizing requirements, designing and negotiating contracts, and integrating business operations with contract requirements.
  • Keep your knowledge of the workplace current by taking advantage of educational opportunities, reading publications written by members of your profession, fostering personal connections, and being involved in professional organizations.
  • Dedicated to enhancing the reputation of the business by assuming ownership for the successful completion of new and varied requests and actively seeking opportunities to add value to work accomplishments


  • A successful track record spanning many years in the field of selling software solutions to commercial and public sector clients in Canada.
  • Experience selling software and services solutions, either directly or through a consulting business, as well as experience selling to government agencies and other government-related organizations.
  • Powerful network that spans the government of Ontario and its crown businesses.
  • a high level of technical aptitude.
  • Consultative selling skills.
  • Acquire an understanding of, skill in navigating, and flexibility in adapting to complicated political contexts.
  • Ability that has been demonstrated to not only meet but also surpass a sales quota.
  • Naturally assertive and convincing in their arguments.
  • Bachelor’s degree in a discipline that is relevant to the role, or relevant work experience in lieu of degree.

How To Apply

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