Steps on how to acquire a job as a Welder in Canada


To be proficient in this skill, you need to have prior experience working in the welding industry. In Canada, being a welder requires either formal training in a trade school or an apprenticeship, or both. This position is now among the top 15 jobs for the current year with strong demand, and the fact that there are less skilled trade employees can be attributed to this need.

Brief Description:

Industries: Human Resources Services

Company size: 11-50 employees


Headquarters: Woodbridge, Ontario

Type: Self-Employed

Job Summary 

There is a position open right now for a Welder with a very high level of expertise. In this role, you will be responsible for working on projects that are internal to the company as well as travelling to the sites of clients in order to carry out job obligations at such locations. You will be responsible for analyzing requirements on a regular basis, planning out metal components, cutting those components, producing those components, and welding those pieces together in order to make tools and other metal parts. Our welders are held to a high standard and are expected to finish each work within the allotted time. A minimum of one year of experience in welding, in addition to a working understanding of several common welding tools and procedures, is required of our ideal applicant.


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Duties and Responsibilities

  • Analyze the drawings and blueprints in order to comprehend the scope and parameters of the project.
  • Create work aids such as templates and other forms.
  • Make use of standard tools and machinery found in the trade, such as powered saws, hand shears, chipping knives, portable grinders, hand files, and scrapers.
  • When inspecting grooves and angles, use instruments with precise measuring capabilities.
  • Position the parts to be welded horizontally, vertically, and/or overhead when welding.
  • Carry out tests to determine the quality of the welds, such as hydrostatic, x-ray, and dimension tolerance testing.
  • Ensure that the necessary equipment is maintained, and make repairs as required.

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Requirements And Qualifications

  • A diploma from high school or its equivalent is required.
  • Preferred to have at least one year of professional welding experience
  • Certification as a MIG Welder with the American Welding Society is a definite asset.
  • A working knowledge of the tools and machinery used in the industry
  • Having the ability to read blueprints
  • Capable in the mathematical fundamentals

Job benefits

  • The Typical Income is $73,504
  • NOC Code: 7327
  • Welders and other related machine operators make constitute a related occupational group.

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